Lighting Towers

For 5 years, Mickala Mining Maintenance has been perfecting the art of LED Lighting Tower solutions.  We have the ability to design and manufacturer our own reliable LED Lighting Towers that we know truly benefits the mining industry.  We guarantee our LED Lighting Towers are advanced in technology and that they are capable of handling any situation.  Our experienced team has made vast improvements to ensure we deliver a quality product.

Our LED Lighting Towers are more efficient, easily maintained and cost effective while offering the highest environmental sensitivity possible.

At Mickala Mining Maintenance we know that to be a successful solution for our clients, our LED Lighting Towers must meet the following criteria:

  • Cost Effective – saving fuel & reducing our carbon foot print
  • Quality after sales service -  we are available 24/7
  • Reliable and experienced serviced personnel
  • Replacement parts supplied promptly which are stocked locally.  We stock the largest range of lighting tower spares for all lighting towers
  • Breakdowns repaired as soon as possible with little or no disruption resulting in maximum productivity 

Mickala Mining Maintenance has a skilled and knowledgeable team of maintenance personnel who are available anytime to service our onsite Lighting Tower fleet.  


Trailer Mounted - Single Axle

Trailer Mounted - Dual Axle

Sled Mounted


To view a comparison table on all Mickala Lighting Tower models click here.


Other Lighting Tower Services available by Mickala include:

  • Create a rebuild program for your existing Lighting Towers
  • We carry out repairs on any major brands of Lighting Towers
  • Trailer to sled mounted conversions
  • Metal Halide to LED conversations
  • Service capabilities – mine site compliant vehicles that are fully self-sufficient
  • Quality maintenance staff